often refered to as chief, but literally means, "big boss who can’t give orders."

  • Íihláakdaas

An Iitl’aakdáa during their lifetime has the power to set aside the next of kin in favor of another of his Naat Yaak’uu (True Nephews), but seldom does so unless the senior already holds an equally high position or is disqualified by reason of physical or mental incapacity, laziness, poverty, or low repute or standing.

If a Na ’la’áay (House Chief) has not selected a successor prior to his death, the Íitl’aakdáa appoints one. In the instance when an Íitl’aakdáa failed to name an heir, all the men and woman of the family clan gathers in a special meeting at which the two, three or four candidates are presented.

Sourced from Snewaylh Co-op Radio, May 1, 2012

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