Hlgáwjuu will do anything to get it, even dirty it’s own name. Hlgáwjuu doesn’t need that thing and isn’t even hungry; it just has to keep grabbing.

The SGáagaas warned the people that when we start amassing things that we have to be aware. If we don’t the worm could get into the mind and create a need for stuff we don’t need; you become Hlgáwjuu. Even if you don’t need the thing you grab it because it’s there; if somebody else has something Hlgáwjuu will do anything to get it.  That is why all wars are fought; to get something that somebody else has even if you have to kill the owner to get it. Hlgáwjuu doesn’t need that thing and isn’t even hungry; it just has to keep grabbing.

To protect against becoming Hlgáwjuu, you always have to give something back, they say. Sometimes when you are really hungry, you see K’aat, that deer, instead of accepting the gift, you say,
"I’m giving this one back," 
and so you let it go. Maybe it’s a big fish, sometimes we let it go, . . . we say,
"I’m gonna give this one back for seed."
Sometimes when you are hungry, you are going along and you see a bush full of berries, lots of berries, you say,
"I’m going to give this one back"
and you keep going. So that’s how you do it, you give something back. When you give it back, you are actually making it possible for that thing to bring more. When you give back, that berry bush, the berries will fall to the ground, the seeds will become more bushes. . . so the next time it actually gives you more. You give back that k’aat, deer, next year it will bring maybe one, maybe two more. With that fish, when you give it back. . . you let this one go, maybe you get 2 or 3,000 more. And so that’s how it is. . . you give something back, you get more, they say.

Sourced from Snewaylh Co-op Radio, May 1, 2012