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Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

As an avid Xaad Kil language learner of many years, I have gone through many different methods of learning the language, including taking classes, listening to youtube video’s, attending language practice sessions. I have also used many different software and tools such as building this website, recording to soundcloud and dropbox, using apps such as Audacity, VLC media player, FireFox browser, Open Broadcasting Software, YouCut Video App, and more to help me learn the language. And with all that digital content AnkiWeb digital flashcards became the next logical step.

Spaced repetition is a simple study principle: I show you the front side of a flash card bearing, a word in Xaad Kil. You then have to tell me what that word is, in English. If you got it right and it was very easy, I won't ask you again in another two weeks; if it wasn't so easy, I'll ask again in a week; and if it was really hard, I'll ask again tomorrow. In this way, you don't have to spend time going over material you already know–the system adapts to the data you've acquired, Software like Anki (free and open-source) bring ease, sophistication, and much more power into this process. And if you think flash cards are only for memorizing trivia or language, you'd be surprised.

Anki is a mature product, but its interface can seem unintuitive at first. There is a learning curve to both the system and Anki, so if you're just starting out, you should probably find a ready-made pack of cards and use that for a while. You can then transition over to creating your own cards.

Two Decks are currently available to download and practice right away. Filter decks will be made available along with PDF’s and optionally if available the original mp3 lesson. Please let me know asap if a link doesn’t work. Haw’aa

Xaad Kil digital Audio Flashcards with Káawan Sangáa, Woodrow (Woody) Morrison, JD BA

Xaad Kil digital Audio Flashcards with John Enricho

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K’úuk sgunáay

k’úuk sgunáay
Stink/rotten heart

Strange ones will came among us at a time when it seemed as though this place would no longer have Nang Kyáang.giilaas - Watchmen - to lookout for those things that have not been here since before we Came-Into-Being. We listened to their words. They sounded real good. But, like the Cedar that grows tall and straight-grained with twin-tops, they are the ones who, when sounded, are hollow in the center - sometimes we call them Born without a Spirit or Heart (Gamal X̱áahlaan íijang ) or heart is stink/rotten (K’úuk Sgunáay). Like Windigo. Some of our own people are going to be like that; we call them the Hollow-Ones.

Sourced from When Spirit Whispers, Co-op Radio, May 14, 2012.


killer whale, orca

Sourced from When Spirit Whispers, Co-op Radio, April 9, 2012.


to be round (sg) voluptuous

Sourced from When Spirit Whispers, Co-op Radio, April 9, 2012.

K'áax.ngáa dakúu is?

K'áax.ngáa dakúu is.
Poor thing, is that you?

Sourced from When Spirit Whispers, Co-op Radio, April 9, 2012