K’úuk sgunáay

k’úuk sgunáay
Stink/rotten heart

Strange ones will came among us at a time when it seemed as though this place would no longer have Nang Kyáang.giilaas - Watchmen - to lookout for those things that have not been here since before we Came-Into-Being. We listened to their words. They sounded real good. But, like the Cedar that grows tall and straight-grained with twin-tops, they are the ones who, when sounded, are hollow in the center - sometimes we call them Born without a Spirit or Heart (Gamal X̱áahlaan íijang ) or heart is stink/rotten (K’úuk Sgunáay). Like Windigo. Some of our own people are going to be like that; we call them the Hollow-Ones.

Sourced from When Spirit Whispers, Co-op Radio, May 14, 2012.