Sangáay ’alaa giihlgiiaagang

Sangáay ’alaa giihlgiiaagang.
That's a time when everything was in balance. That's the time when the atmosphere was always pleasant or the Tide was always high.

Sangáay 'alaa gíihlgii 'áagang, the atmosphere is always good... the weather is always warm... good. There wasn't storms... much... sometimes rain... lots of rain. It was just a good place.... food was easy to get... it was warm all the time, nobody needed coverings... clothing, they say.

The place where we lived... it seems like... not far, in the back was mountains, not very big. It wasn't the kind of place we have now... it was real thick, the bushes that grew... some of it was real thick, it was tangled up, they say.

The trails... only certain small ones you could get through on but not over the mountains. There was lots of food there; we just picked what we needed to eat...

Where we lived, it sounds like it was a sandy shoreline. We didn't have houses or other structures; we didn't need them even if we knew how to build them. Instead, we slept on the ground under the trees in things like nests. People took different kinds of branches and lined the ground; round like the birds' nests. We made it comfortable first, kind of dug it out so that it wasn't just on the flat ground, If the hole was too deep, it would get lots of water in it when it rained, they say.

We were kinda like birds, we had territory around those nests... if something was to bother us, we warned them off. Some had shelter-like things to keep the rain off. Sometimes there was lots of rain but the people didn't pay much attention to it; their sleeping places were under trees.

Sourced from: Co-op Radio Snewaylh - September 11, 2012

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