Hlaa uu K’iigaang

Hlaa uu K’iigaang
I am telling the Story of All the Humans

It tells of a world that isn’t here now; it only remains in our memory. The story it tells of being here during the time, two (2) times, of the Hard Cold (the ice) and before the Ice came, and long before that too. It tells of people coming from other places . . . some arrived from the South and others came from the North after the ice, from Asia possibly.

I’ll stop at this point to explain that there are other points that happened after
"We Came-Into-Being."  The first one
The-Atmosphere-Was-Always-Good;  Sangáay ’alaa gíihlgii ’áagang.  That was before
"The Burning Rocks" which happened 75,000 years ago, then immediately after
 the "World-Got-Dark," which was another time when we had a hard time finding food;
"Always-Walking-Time," then, the
"Hard Cold" came (approximately 40,000 years ago), then,
"Hard Cold" came again (approximately 13,000 years ago), then,
"When the tide came in" or "When the beach started coming back in" and lastly,
"Awaahl", it happened not too long ago (or I can see it way over there)
to the present time...

Sourced from:
Co-op Radio Snewaylh - September 11, 2012

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