Nang Kílstlaas

Nang Kílstlaas
That which always was, will be, and is created by our speaking it or Raven-That-Walked-The-Earth.

It is said that all stories started at the beginning, began with Nang Kilstlaas. And so they say, that the Ancient One began in a slow, dignified way to rub his stomach upward with the fingers and palms of his hands as he reclined before the fire. After a while, a little boy, appeared in his hands, sat up and then stood up. Placing his toes over those of the boy, and taking the boy by the arms, the Ancient One stretched him up until he was the full height and girth of a grown man. He turned him around, and there he was - perfect in every way. The new person the Ancient one brought into being became Nang Kílstlaas, the Raven-That-Walked-The-Earth to bring forth Xaadas - Human beings, and to teach them all they needed to know, his feathers were pure White.

The proper habitat or dwelling of a human or supernatural being’s place was in Nang kílstlaas naay (the house of Raven - supernatural being) which was suspended in the sky.

Raven is not subject to the rules for all other Beings. Raven can simultaneously appear at multiple locations and suspend the rules of gravity and, is able to travel faster than thought.

So when I catch that story, like that soaring Eagle that got close to the water and used its wings to get fast enough to fly high enough to soar, I use my voice to give the story a push. When I am telling that story, it’s like that Eagle flapping its wings to regain airspeed and altitude. When I finish telling that story, I give it a push over to you, you are now the one who’s gonna give sustaining Human energy to it; it is your turn to give it a push on to the next one. This is how our history and our stories are passed on.

Sourced from: Co-op Radio Snewaylh - September 11, 2012