Áagii dánghl kíng.dangsaang.

Áagii dánghl kíng.dangsaang.
I am going to show you something.

When I would sit with my teachers, they would say
K’áwhlaa, Gúnaa.  Sit down, Dear boy.
Áagii dánghl kíng.dangsaang.  I am going to show you something.
Dánghl g̱íihlgii.  Prepare yourself.
I would close my eyes and clear my mind . . . much like the silt in murky water settling out. When ready I answered,
Aáng. Yes
Díi gíihlgii.  I am prepared.
He would then start talking, it was like I went down inside his mouth and experienced the things he was "showing me."

Sourced from: Co-op Radio Snewaylh - September 11, 2012