I'll see you again.

Háws dáng hl kíng saang.
I'll see you again.

Even if someone is dying they say that. 'Cause there is no end.

When speaking Haida we never say "Goodbye" to one another. Instead, we say that we will see one another again.

The first word here is háws, which means "again". It sounds almost like the english word "house," but it’s just a little bit different. You may also hear some speakers say húus instead of háws, or even háwsan or húusan. All these words mean the same thing, and all are correct. Dáng means "you" when talking to just one person. Be sure not to pronounce this like the english word dang! And the third word is hl, meaning "I".

Sourced from: Snewaylh Co-op Radio, October 02, 2012

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