That which makes us Haida

Ahljíi Gaganáan uu iitl’ Xaat’áagang.
That which makes us Haida

The Haida Language documents the last remaining fluent speakers of the Haida language and explores the three remaining dialects found in Alaska, Old Massett and Skidegate through portraits taken by Vancouver-based Farah Nosh over the last eight years and interviews with the last fluent speakers in these communities.

A full-colour exhibition catalogue with photos by Farah Nosh, with a foreward by renowned anthropologist Wade Davis, and a CD accompanies the exhibition (Haida Gwaii Museum Press).

K'iis Gwaay Naan
(Mary Swanson)
Míijuu Kúng Skiís
(Claude Morrison)
Niis Wes
(Ernie Wilson)
Nang King.aay 'uwans
(James Young)
Stephen Brown
Primrose Adams

Monthly public programming highlights include talks by: co-curators Jisgang, Nika Collison and Jusquan Amanda Bedard, as well as Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Kwakwaka’wakw linguist and artist Marianne Nicolson, and others.

The exhibition will run from March 29 through September 9, 2012 at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver.

Photos by Sandra Greene from the opening event at the Bill Reid Gallery on Thursday evening of March 29, 2012.

Jisgang, Nika Collison and
Jusquan Amanda Bedard

Káawan Sangáa, Haida Storyteller
and Traditional Oral Historian

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