’W: Haida - English

that (followed by participial verb or ___ is)

- there, that, it
- to quit, stop doing something

to do so, to do that, do so, do thus
  • ’wáagang
  • ’wáagan
  • ’wáagaan
’Láa uu ’wáagaan.
She did it.

’wáa uu
  • ’wáaw

gin ’wáa
to chase out (plural)
  • gin ’wáagang
  • gin ’wáagan
  • gin ’wáagaan
Tl’ ’wáadluwaan hal gin ’wáagaan.
She chased everyone out.

to sell X, to have X for sale
  • 'wáadaagang
  • 'wáadaagan
  • 'wáadaagaan
Tluwáay áangaa hal ’wáadaagan.
He sold his boat.

'wáa daalíigw
the next day

'wáadaa náay

'wáadaa 'la'áay

'wáadaa 'la'áaygaa
to be a storekeeper

then, so


tl’ ’wáadluwaan

gin 'wáadluwaan

maybe, possibly, might

and then

'wáahlaa gináng
to ask for payment for damages, to seek restitution, to sue

house-building potlatch
  • 'wáahlalaay

blood money

to give a potlatch
  • 'wáahlalgang
  • 'wáahlalgan
  • 'wáahlaalaan
Nang íitl’akdáas ’wáahlahl saahánggang.
The chief might give a potlatch.

for X to have difficulty, a hard time (with X2), have trouble (over X2)
  • 'wáajaaganda
  • 'wáajaagandaang
  • 'wáajaagantgan
  • 'wáajaagandaayaan
Dáakw ’wáajaagandaa us?
Are you having a difficult time?

trouble, difficulty


to dig (for clams) shellfish
  • 'wáanaang
  • 'wáan.gan
  • 'wáanaayaan
Sgyáalgyaak hl ’wáanaasaang.
I will dig for cockles.

'wáanaa gasdláawaay
clam shovel

trip rope for a deadfall

'wáas k'yaan
nevertheless, even so, anyway

that much, at that time
  • 'wáasdluu


those (people)

over there


'wáa xánjuuda
to order X, send away for X

one's own behavior

'wagä 'la'áay
host (sg) of a doings

therefore, and so

dog-eating spirit appearing during the 'wáahlaal potlatch

Cannibal Spirit appearing during the 'wáahlaal potlatch