How is the Weather?

Note: the teacher will probably want to use two methods in discussing the weather:

1.) discussing actual weather outside; and
2.) using pictures to discuss weather conditions not present on that day.

The order of the vocabulary here can be changed to suit the actual weather conditions of the day.

1. Repetition drill.

Sangáay uu 'láagang. = "The weather is fine."

2. Q&A drill.

Q. Sánuu sangáay gíidang? = How is the weather?
Here your asking the "state of the weather" - in a sense it is asking, "what is the state of the atmosphere" - the word for atmosphere includes more than atmospheric elements. It is also a sense of "Being".

A. Sangáay uu 'láagang.
"The weather is fine." or "Its condition is good."

3. New vocabulary. Using repetition drills, then question and answer drills, introduce the following, using pictures of the weather conditions.

Gwa'áawgang. It’s raining.
Xayáagang. Sun is shining.
K'íinaang. It’s warm.
Tadáang. It’s cold.
Ts'íigaang. It’s stormy.
Yáanangaagang. It’s foggy (cloudy).
Skíi guwáang It’s drizzling.
Stáw k'íinaang. It’s lukewarm.
T'a'áaw xusgáaysgat Blizzard.
K'ats'aláang. It’s hailing.
T'a'áaw gwa'áwgang. It’s snowing.
Húukw yáanangaa us? Is it foggy?
Géi, xayáagang. No, it’s sunny.
Áang, yáanangaagang. Yes, it’s foggy.
Húukw xayáa us? Is it sunny?
Húukw k'íinaa us? Is it hot?
Húukw tadáa us? Is it cold?
Sangáaykw 'láa us? Is it a nice day?

4. New Vocabulary

gusdliyéi = very, really

Repeat drill #3, using gusdliyéi in the answer. For example:

Q. Sangáaykw 'láa us? Is the weather good?
A. Áang, sangáay 'láa gusdláang Yes, the weather is very good.

5. Repetition drill for new expressions:

Sangáay dagangáang. The weather is not good.
Díi ga xisgíidang. I am stormbound.

6. Q&A drill. Try to combine as many expressions as possible.

Q. Sánuu sangáay gíidang?
A. Sangáay dagangáang.
A. Díi ga xisgíidang.

7. Repetition drill.

Díi t'íihlaang. = I am wet.
Angasgidáay = poor thing.

8. Q&A drill. Try to work the new expressions into the old material.

Q: Sánuu sangáay gíidang? = How is the weather?
A: Sangáay dagangáang. = The weather is bad.
A: Gwa'áwgang. = It’s raining.
A: Díi t'íihlaang. = I’m wet.

9. Repetition drill for the following words.

wéiyat / wáayaat = now
áayaat = today
adaahl = yesterday

10. Substitution. Using the pictures of weather conditions as cues, substitute as many expressions as possible.

Sangáay 'láagang ..........

Words that describe the weather and days

Cháanuut.  This is a time of change, fall, autumn (lit. mud season)

chiyáa xáw = rain water

hlan.gwáay = world
hlan.gwáay tlagáay = earth

hlats’úu = northern lights
  • hlats’úuk
  • hlats’uwáay
juuyáay = sun
juuyáay xáng hlt’áaguts = sun rays

akyáa = outside
  • kyáa
akyáasii = area outside