Guu dang áay sG̱wáansang

Guu dang áay sGwáansang
One Mind, "a society that shares a common mind"

In Guu dang áay sGwáansang wealth equals the responsibility to share. The level of wealth is measured by the amount and value of things given away. In many ways Guu dang áay sGwáansang fits well into other aspects of our lives; we have a common history and can share our past and take part in each other’s future. The past is in front of me; I can see it. I can see everything that happened to me in my life and, I can see the things that happened to others in my family and community. This all adds to the cohesiveness of Guu dang áay sGwáansang.

Sourced from Snewaylh Co-op Radio, November 22, 2011.