Concepts & Definitions

  1. Xaad kil.  Haida language.
  2. Dagwiyáa.  to be physically strong
  3. Dagwiig.  that’s the medicine man’s strength.
  4. Dagw.  That implies the ability to change things,
    or maintain them as is and the strength to be gentle.
  5. Skun.  To be clean.
  6. Gánaa.  to be Taboo, forbidden. 
  7. Díinaa.  Mine.
  8. Hlgáwjuu.  Grabbing
  9. Guu dang áay sGwáansang.  Common mind, One mind.
  10. Guu dang áay sdáng.  Two-minded, undecided
  11. Guu dang áay st’ígang.  Sad minded
  12. Guu dang áay sk’íilaa.  Dirty-mind
  13. Guu dang áay hltanáa  soft mind / heart, kind person
  14. Dii guu dang áay hltanáa  He/she thinks kind things.
  15. Gulgáa  to be enjoyable/full of fun
  16. Skáajuu.  to be round, voluptuous (singular)
  17. k’úuk sgunáay.  stink / rotten heart.

Haida Foods and Stuff
  1. Táaw.  Food
  2. Ts’áak’.  Mature bald eagle.
  3. Gúut.  Juvenile bald eagle.
  4. Gudguníis.  Great horned owl.
  5. K’ay.  Crab apple tree.
  6. Ts’ahl.  pillow, fish line sinker, bullpine tree
  7. Dak.  Shrimp
  8. t’a   Chiton, gumboots
  9. K’aaw.  Herring roe
  10. Saaw.  Ooligan
  11. Naay.  House
  12. Sgik’ajáang.  Lightening bolt
  13. Xánjaangw.  a reflective surface like a window, mirror, looking glass.
  14. ’laanaa.  Village.
  15. Gyaa ’áang.  Totem pole.
  16. Yáahl.  Raven
  17. Sgáan.  Killer whale, orca.