X̱áadas tla gáa

Xáadas tla gáa.
Haida World (everything Haida)

There is more to being Xaatáay than language, singing, dancing, wearing regalia or paint; it is all those things plus a lot more. First, a worldview - how do we see the world and our relationship to it. What is our Xáadaas tla gáa?

Xáadaas tla gáa literally means "Land of all Haidas." Tla gáa conceptually, refers to the territory occupied and claimed, hence, it could also be the area upon which a (village), ’aláanaa is sited. ’Aláanaa also refers to the "Center-of-the-World." If the wind blows from the west, it comes right to the village. The same is said about all of the winds, they meet at ’Aláanaay (the Village).

Each people was put on a land that looks like them . . . given a language that sounds like that land, describes that land and all of its inhabitants and our relationship to each other. Then we were given ceremonies for keeping our balance .  That is how we see our Xáadas tla gáa.

Sourced from: Snewaylh Co-op Radio, July 10, 2012