Ts’áak’ x̱aat’áay

Ts’áak’ x̱aat’áay
The eagle peoples

It is said among many of the peoples of the Eastern Pacific Coast, that all the "Eagles are Related." It is true except for us Xaadas.

After the time, "When the beach started coming back in," and the ocean level was rising, people began to return to the South. They were inland and some moved out to the coast, we call them "T’áaguusd Xaatáay" (South people) who include the Dinaa (Athabascan), Tlingit, Nishga’a, Tsimpsian, Gixsan, Interior Salish peoples. However, we called all of these peoples Ts’áak’ Xaat’áay (the Eagle People).

We have two different names for the Bald Eagle. Guud describes a juvenile bald eagle, where as, Ts’aak’ is a word borrowed from the Hlanggas Xaat’aay or Tlingit people and used to describe the mature bald eagle, because prior to its arrival on Xaadas Tlagaa (the Haida World) the Bald Eagle was only in the interior.

Sourced from Snewaylh Co-op Radio, November 27, 2012.