Honoring Phrases

Note: Memorize only one and use it until you are comfortable with it.

  1. Díi k’wáaylang, isgyáan díi jáaslang. My brothers and sisters.
  2. Xaataa ’láas is. Good People
  3. Íihlxaadas húus xíinaangslaang.  We Haida’s are coming alive again.
  4. Iitl’ ’waadluwaan x̱aat’aagaangWe are all Haidas.

Díi k’wáaylang isgyáan díi jáaslang isgyáan díi tawlaang isgyáan Xaataa ’láas is.
Daláng aahl kil ’alaagang.
My brothers, sisters, relatives and all you good people. I am happy to talk to you.

  • Gaw Xaat’aay.  Big Bay people (Masset)
  • Gaw Xaadee.  Big Bay people (Masset)
  • Hlgayúu Xaat’áay  Round Rock Beach People (near Skidegate)
  • K’íis Xaat’áay.  Old People (Alaska - Hydaburg and Kasaan)
  • Git’áwyaas.  includes kwakwalaa, Nootka, Coast Salish, etc.
  • T’áaguusd Xaat’áay. South People who include Athabascan, Tsimpsian, Interior Salish, etc...
  • Hlanggas Xaat’áay. The Tlingit People.
  • Kil ’alaas Xaat’aay. The Singing People. Nishga’a, Tsimpsian, Gixsan
  • Ts’áak’ Xaat’áay.  The Eagle people.
  • K’udáagws Xaat’áay. Inuit, Eskimo
  • K’udéikXaat’áay xuud ki’ii Xáwdl áwyangang. People who really like seals, Inuit.

  1. Áatl’an hl is ahl díi gúudangáay ’láagang.  I am happy for being here.
  2. Daláng aahl kil ’alaagang.  I am happy to talk to you.
  3. Daláng aa kílguu ’laa ḵasaang.  I want to say high words to you.
  4. Tl’aaw kílguu ’láa ḵasaang.  I am to speak to you(pl) in high words.
  5. Dang eíhl án díi x̱ángalgang.  I am honored by your presence.
  6. Daláng aa yahgudangáa.  I respect you highly.

Other Phrases

NOTES: Prior to the invasion of the Europeans Single Family dwellings just did not happen. Inside the house was the Husband and wife (say Eagle and Raven), the children were Raven... thus the husband, although was recognized as a "House Chief", he was the lone Eagle in the house. So, if he had daughters, their husbands came to live in his house... so not there were Eagles... however there was no Personal Privacy and, no personal property (as we know it today). Thus, with no privacy there was always the possibility of conflict. Thus there were rules - Sáhljúugahl ’láanaa yahgudaang. - that made it possible for humans to live in close contact without constant bickering and fighting. For example, the younger always deferred to the younger...

"The highest you can ever say about a person is, ’he was just like his uncle, he was a kind person.’ "